The Future of Membership
MINTX’s white-label customer engagement platform enables brands, artists, and their communities to build deeper connections and deliver shared benefits.
Club Membership
Welcome to the KWOON, a community that shares your passion for personal growth, style, fashion, and the teachings of Bruce Lee. This curated membership program offers access to exclusive drops, events, and initiatives that will help you unlock your true potential.
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Club Membership
Handbag Designer Society
A membership experience for handbag designers and enthusiasts that unlocks insider access to an exclusive handbag designer community, the handbag-making process, and the ability to discover the next “It Bag” first.
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Handbag Designer Society Handbag Designer Society
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The Balmain Thread
A first-of-its-kind membership experience that offers unparalleled access to Balmain events, designs and digital experiences. Directly inspired by the historic Parisian house’s singularly audacious point of view and reflected in every one of Olivier Rousteing’s collections today.
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The Balmain Thread The Balmain Thread
Featured Drops
Barbie x Balmain
Barbie fashion got a digital makeover with digital collectibles designed exclusively by Balmain. This collection features Barbie and Ken avatars wearing exclusive pieces and is paired with physical, one-of-a-kind Barbie-scaled versions of the outfit their avatar is wearing.
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Barbie x Balmain Barbie x Balmain
Featured Drops
Balmain x Alexandre Arrechea
Cuban artist Alexandre Arrechea collaborated with Balmain to create “Hexagon Garden” a virtual and physical commission that premiered at Miami Art Basel. This collection minted on the energy-efficient XRP Ledger, pairs digital collectiblesl with stunning physical artworks.
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Balmain x Alexandre Arrechea Balmain x Alexandre Arrechea
Featured Drops
Unicorn x Jeff Cole
Balmain collaborated with the artist Jeff Cole to create a collection of one-of-a-kind digital collectibles with physical and digital utility inspired by the latest design from Balmain Creative Director Olivier Rousteing—the Balmain Unicorn Sneaker.
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Unicorn x Jeff Cole Unicorn x Jeff Cole
Your customer engagement hub and portal to virtual worlds, metaverse, and digital experiences.
MINTX Club enables your brand to create programs that encourage members to engage, share, and utilize your brand for self-expression.
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Sign-up with your email and use your credit card or crypto to purchase memberships.
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Exclusive Benefits
Fun and immersive experiences designed to deepen engagement and keep your community entertained.
Special Access
  • VIP Events
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Build Advocacy
Shared ownership model creates an economic incentive for members to engage & share.
Member Voting
Uplift your members to be part of decisions that deliver impact.
Sell Membership or Individual Benefits
Both members & brand receive revenue from secondary sales.
Why Blockchain Membership?
Customers are increasingly seeking experiences and products from brands that reflect their own identities and interests.
Members can transparently transfer & sell their membership and collectibles.
Ownership creates an economic incentive for members to engage, share & advocate to increase the value of their membership.
Both brands and members want to own their engagement data, versus it being owned by a social network.
Each member has transparency of their relationship with the brand, which is what today’s consumer wants.
The blockchain captures the brand & customer interactions forever.
MINTX Wallet
Real Simple. Real Powerful.
Our proprietary custodial MPC wallet connects your customers to all of your Web3 experiences, easily and securely.
Sign up, manage and view all digital collectibles and cryptocurrency all-in-one place with just your email.
Enterprise level security & multi-signature wallet ensures assets are safely stored.
Rich data you can analyze, monitor, and control to enable better experiences for your customers.
Customers can display collectibles, memberships, and share benefits with others.
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